Wow… Some things in life are just too good to be true. Diddylicious is one of them. If that just isn’t the most perfectly formed ass I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.

I could spend hours just tracing my fingers around her ass…

diddylicous super tight teen ass

We are so lucky today… The sexy panties chicks have today, and the cute and sexy bras…. And Diddylicous just makes it oh so damn perfect too!

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This makes me feel dirty all over… But I like it.

Today Diddylicious is wearing a plaid skirt and not much else…. That top isn’t even really a top; It doesn’t hide much because it’s too small and it’s fucking see through anyhow. Her hair is in pigtails… Nothing screams “Fuck me extra hard” when a teen chick is wearing a plaid skirt and a see through top!

sweet teen plaid skirt 1

Then when Diddy turns around and gives us a view… Holy fucking god that is a sweet ass! Perfect for tapping!

sweet teen plaid skirt 2

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Tongue Fun

Looks like Diddylicious is having fun with the lucky prick that calls himself a photographer…

diddylicious sexy tongue

But I can think of a dozen things that Diddylicious can do with her tongue!

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I love it when chicks show off their true selves…. Seeing Diddylicous down on her knees in her panties for the hundredth time is great and a huge turn on and that’s great but I want to know what kind of girl she really is… Now I’ve met Diddylicous a handful of times and she’s a lot of fun – and a handful – but I’ve never seen Diddylicous rude a bull before… She looks kind of hot – boobies ready to bust out and tight jeans!

diddylicous rides bull

I bet you letting Diddylicous ride on top must be such a treat….

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Diddylicious is wearing another tight white dress, no bra, and her panties are coming down around her knees… And you know what that means!

Someone is getting laid!

diddy hot dress panties down around knees7

Because once a chick like Diddylicious slides those panties down around her knees, they aren’t coming back up!

diddy hot dress panties down around knees8


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Super Tight Ass

What Diddylicous lacks in the boob department, she more than makes up for with her beautiful little tight ass.

She shows off her ass well, wearing a tiny little thong…. You have to admit, that’s a perfect little ass.

Do you think Diddylicous likes to show off her her ass because she likes to tease us, or because she likes to be fucked from behind?

diddylicious tight teen ass 1

I think it’s a bit of both – and you know for sure Diddylicous likes being fucked doggie style!

diddylicious tight teen ass 2 diddylicious tight teen ass 3 diddylicious tight teen ass 6 diddylicious tight teen ass 5

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I love this – A hot young teen with huge boobs down on her knees looking at us like she’s ready to peel off our jeans and suck us off…. And one can just imagine how well a chick like Diddylicous can give head!

This is Diddylicious after she her boob job…. Still young and tight, only now more improved and with bigger boobs. Perfect.

diddylicious hot teen doggie style 1

And of course Diddylicous looks just as good from behind with that tight little teen ass!

diddylicious hot teen doggie style 2

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This is an old picture of Diddylicious… Might be old but if you haven’t seen it before, it’s still new to you. This is how we like to remember Diddylicious – young and tight, with small little perky tits, not the big hooters she has today.

That look on her face makes her so coy, and the fact that she’s taking off her panties slowly makes us all weak in the news!

sexy teen diddy panties

And her titties are super perky!

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Hottest Park Ever

Sexy teen Diddylicious looks sweet laying down on a park bench in a super short skirt… She’s sucking on her finger teasing us…

sweet teen diddylicous short skirt panties 3

When Diddylicious flips around her skirt comes up just a bit and we can see her white panties…

sweet teen diddylicous short skirt panties 4

Teen chicks like Diddylicious always look sexy in short skirts, but Diddylicious makes it super hot!

sweet teen diddylicous short skirt panties 1 sweet teen diddylicous short skirt panties 2 sweet teen diddylicous short skirt panties 5 sweet teen diddylicous short skirt panties 7

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As Diddylicious gets older and her breasts continue to get bigger, it’s fun to remember how she looked when we first met her… Young, tight, and perfect little boobies. I mean, I like big boobs – everyone does – but I still like Diddylicious when had smaller boobs back in the day.

I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for leaving crumbs…


Oh now, I wouldn’t ever kicky Diddylicous out of my bed!

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