Wet Teen Panties

Looks like Diddylicious really knows how to cool down… It’s kind of hot, isn’t it?

Who wouldn’t want to be hosing her down like this?

diddylicious gets wet

Nice sexy teen boobies Diddylicious has!

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Silly Hat

No one is really sure why Diddylicious is wearing this silly hat, but for now everyone is just gong along with it. Because when she pulls out her tittie like this, well, everyone pays attention to her boobies and not her silly hat.

Because all men like boobs…

diddylicious crazy hat3

Then again, when Diddy turns around and shows off her tight little ass… Again, no one cares about her stilly hat all…

diddylicious crazy hat2

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Super Tight

Diddylicious might still be tight (and most likely always will) but when she was younger just a few years ago… She was super tight!

And she even looks super tight in her white corset…

tight teen diddy

And with the way Diddylicious is spreading her legs… We can tell exactly what she wants!

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God bless the first person who created the selfie – and then everyone since then who helped make selfies popular so that teen chicks like Diddylicious can take selfies showing off her little cleavage… and when I say “little cleavage” I mean “more than ample sexy teen cleavage”… hot!

Put Diddylicious in a tight tank top and sell her to take a selfie from above and… We can see it all!

diddylicous cleavage teen boobs

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We spend so much time chasing after women that it never occurred to us chicks want to fuck as much as we do. It’s in their freaking DNA; Their entire purpose to reproduce. They want it as much as we do!

And you can just tell that Diddylicious wants it as bad as any other teen out there – as if she has to worry about getting laid!

diddylicious panties upskirt panties masturbating 3 diddylicious panties upskirt panties masturbating 1 diddylicious panties upskirt panties masturbating 2 diddylicious panties upskirt panties masturbating 5

Diddylicious sure is horny though…. She’s sliding her hands down her panties and masturbating herself! Diddylicious is getting herself off right now!

diddylicious panties upskirt panties masturbating 4

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Diddylicious has the most perfect little ass… Who wouldn’t peel off her sexy teen panties with their tongue if you could?

diddy tight ass

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I love Diddylicious. This is why too – she looks right at home in a bar in her tight jeans and a tight top, drink in hand, showing off her sexy teen cleavage. A

And I fucking know that you like eating red meat, sports, muscle cars, and teen cleavage. It’s as American as apple pie.

perky diddylicous drinking

I would love to try to get Diddylicous drunk, and did try once. I failed. I can hang with the best of them – I have my own J├Ągermeister machine – but this little ninety pound package of pure hotness got me drunk instead.

I guess there are worst things….

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Diddylicous the perfect little teen. Cute face, tight body, GREAT rack, tight little ass… AND, as an extra added bonus, she loves getting naked. Diddylicious is the king of self shot pictures. And when it comes to drinking…. I’ve partied with Diddy before, and this teen hottie with the huge rack can drink us all under the table….

Damn, Diddylicious has a great rack!

diddylicious doggie style 2

But what makes Diddylicous is the perfect teen isn’t only her rack but also her tight little ass… Diddylicious is do damn tight…. That’s just perfect!

And she loves showing off too!

diddylicious doggie style 1

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All chicks love to fuck doggie style. You could say it’s in their nature, but the truth is they like the way it feels – your cock goes in deeper when you tag that ass from behind.

Diddylicious likes it doggie style. You know it too! Diddylicious loves nothing more than to bend over doggie style and take a cock from behind… She loves getting down on her hands and knees like this!

diddylicoius doggie style 1

When you see a teen chick like Diddylicious like this… You understand exactly what the tramp stamp means!

diddylicoius doggie style 2

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Doesn’t Diddylicious just break your fucking heart? So cute, even with her new boobies she still looks just as sweet as she did the very first day we met her… She is just so cute!

And if we had boobs like Diddylicious has… Well, we would want to play with them too!

Diddylicious-playing with her boobs


Of course the fact that Diddylicous is sitting there in her panties playing with her breasts only makes it ten times hotter!

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