Doggie Style Slut

I bet you that you can guess exactly how Diddylicious likes to be fucked… I’ll give you a hint…

diddylicious tight teen ass dress3

How about now?

diddylicious tight teen ass dress4

If you guess that Diddylicious likes to be fucked doggie style, you guessed right. All chicks like to be fucked doggie style!

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This is how I like to see my girlfriends… Down on their knees wearing panties and not much else!

Diddylicious knows this position well – down on her knees and ready to take a cock in her mouth!

Looks like Diddylicious is wearing a pair of white panties, perhaps a thong…

diddylicious doggie style

I love it when Diddylicous gets naked!

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Drunk Diddylicious

I don’t like posting guys up here, but I’ll allow it – if that guy is me. And if Diddylicous is in it.

Seems Diddylicious is all over me, having a good time….

rochard diddylicous 1

And kissing me. Look at the smile on my face – I’m in fucking heaven. You would too if Diddylicious was kissing you!

rochard diddylicous 2

But let me tell you a little secret… Diddylicous was hammered that night! That explains a lot!

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Tight Teen Ass

With an ass like Diddylicious has… How can you not want to hit that?

sexy diddy white bra5

How can you not want to hit that over and over and over again?

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Obviously Diddylicious loves being fucked doggie style – she spends all of her time on her hands and knees like a little teen slut. Every pose we see she’s on her hands and knees like a little dog just waiting to be fucked hard from behind…

diddylicious hands knees teen slut

Imagine slicing your cock into her tight little teen ass! And Diddylicous has a super tight little teen ass!

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I think Diddylicious looks mad… Or maybe she’s just pouting because she’s not naked and getting fucked right now…. She must want it bad!

I’m not sure why, but it seems that solo girl likes to pose on the knees on the sink in the bathroom…. very hot!

Diddylicious is also trying to pull her shorts off!

diddylicous short shorts1

And the more Diddylicious takes her clothes off, the more we want to see her naked!

diddylicous short shorts2 diddylicous short shorts3 diddylicous short shorts4 diddylicous short shorts5

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Super Tight Ass

Now you just have to admit, Diddylicious has the most perfect tight little teen ass we’ve ever seen… It’s hot. Golden. Firm like mutton.

And ice and round.

diddylicious tight ass thong2

I’ll even go so far as to say that Diddylicious has a super tight ass! I might have just said that, but I’ll say it again.

Even the socks are hot!

diddylicious tight ass thong1

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Close Girl Friends

Who doesn’t it love it when a hot babe like Diddylicious gets it on with another hot babe… Is anything hotter?

Looks like these two hot babes are having a lot of fun playing with each other…

diddylicious hot lesbian sex 1 diddylicious hot lesbian sex 2 diddylicious hot lesbian sex 3 diddylicious hot lesbian sex 5

You just now these two hot babes in their white panties and white bras will be banging each other shortly!

diddylicious hot lesbian sex 4

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I like my chicks tight and tiny – which usually means short. I want to be able to toss them around and make sure they’ll never have the nerve to say no to me in the bedroom!

Diddylicous fits that bill perfectly!

sexy diddylicous perky boobs bra panties

Diddylicious is so tight and so hot with her perky boobies…. God, I would give anything to have Diddylicious sitting on my lap right now!

Look at the way her perky boobs sit in her bra… Fucking priceless!

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I think Diddylicious is trying to prove a point here… I think she’s trying to prove to us that she’s not wearing panties. This is misleading, because for all we know she is wearing a tiny thong, and we just can’t see it form this angle…

diddylicoius dress no panties

But the truth is Diddylicous isn’t wearing any panties here. That’s what kind of girl she is!

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