Looks like Diddylicious is about to wake up Craving Carmen… But Diddylicious is naked!

diddylicious molests craving carmen 3

Looks like Diddy is trying to strip off her clothes without waking her up!

diddylicious molests craving carmen 2

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I might like chicks with huge boobs, but I appreciate a tight ass just as much a the next guy….

Seriously, look at how tight her little ass is…. Imagine sliding your cock in her pussy from behind when she’s down on her knees doggie style – that’s got to be super tight! Tits are great, but being tight is just as much fun and feels great!

diddylicous super tight ass

And of course her tight ass looks great in that little thong!

I know Diddylicous likes being fucked from behind, but I wonder if she likes spankings too! Then again, what girl doesn’t like a spanking from time to time?

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Sexy With Freckles

When you get really close to Diddylicious when she’s not wearing any make up you can see her freckles… Chicks with freckles are so cute! But of course Diddylicous likes to cover up her freckles because she considers them a flaw.

As if she knows anything at her age…

sexy diddylicious face closeup

Diddylicious is in the shower in a towel, soaking wet… That’s just how we like her!

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Tiny White Bra

Diddylicious looks so cute… And it also looks like she’s about ready to take off all of her clothes!

I can’t wait to see this tight teen naked…

sexy diddy white bra3

When Diddy strips down and we can see her sexy little tiny white bra covering up her sexy little boobies…

sexy diddy white bra4

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Tight Teen Panties

Before Diddylious got her boob job, she was a tight young perky slut… No boobs, but otherwise nice and super tight. Most men might just be boob men but not a single one of us would be able to pass up on a one night stand with Diddylicious

diddylicous sexy teen panties

Who wouldn’t want to pry those teen panties off of her tight little body!

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I don’t know why chicks like Diddylicious thinks she’s teasing us by covering up her boobs with her hand… If were there in person, it would be a quick and easy thing to move her hand away and she would have her sexy little perky boobs on display for us…

And it’s only a matter of time before Diddylicous is taking off her panties for us too!

diddy playing with her panties

Diddylicious is such a slut!

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I love how Diddylicious changes her hair every so often… Women do that, change things up every so often… It’s very cute… When a woman you are dating does this it makes you feel as if you are banging someone else every time! How is that for hot?

Diddylicious sure does have a cute little ass…

diddylicious sexy pink panties

Remember that the next time Diddylicious is drinking you under the table!

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Now this is the Diddylicious I know and love… Always with a drink in her hand. I’ve met Diddy in person a handful of times and she loves to drink… And that’s exactly how I like my girls – tight and drunk… And hopefully with lots of cleavage…

The drunker Diddylicous gets… The better my chances are!

diddylicous sexy bar slut

Just imagine walking in and seeing Diddylicous in a bar with a drink in her hand, with her jeans all tight and perky breasts nearly ready to spill out!

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Super Huge Boobs

Usually when teen chicks get boob jobs I’m like “Oh, that’s way too much”. And I said the same thing when Diddylicous got her boob job. Why would you want to mess with god’s gifts when you are already closer to perfection than man women can only dream of? Then again, bigger is better, and all men like boobs.

So when Diddylicious got her boob job I wasn’t digging it.

sexy diddylicoius

But the more I looked at her, the more I liked it. It’s just the perfect size for her!

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Before she got her titties, Diddylicous was super tight and had small little boobs. I like boobs as much as the next guy, but teens don’t usually have huge boobs. Huge boobs are fun but I like teen chicks with small, tiny, perky boobs… And Diddylicious is the perfect little tight teen…

diddylicous perky teen babe

The fact that she’s not wearing a bra and showing off her cute little panties is super hot too!

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